Every person looking for an impressive way to show their freshly released album or films should definitely invest in an effective way of capturing the potential audience’s attention. Printmasta besides taking care of discs manufacturing process, also specialises in digipak printing. This team has many years of experience in the industry, constantly upgrading their knowledge and the devices used during production to bring the customers the products of the highest quality. The prices they offer allow both small and big businesses to request their services.

Digipak printing

Digipak printing offered by Printmasta allows a great deal of personalisation of the packaging used to hold a prepared CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc. The customer can choose among a variety of options – 4 or 6 pages housing one or two discs and DVD solutions – big sized boxes, especially popular in the film industry. The only requirement the company has is delivering them professional graphic projects beforehand and making sure each and every part of them fits the packaging the way the client expects. Only then their digipak printing can be performed and meet the expectations placed upon it.

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