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Each person wanting to enlarge their collection of replica weapons or distinctive armours and uniforms, should definitely visit It is an online shop with a vast collection of historically accurate reproductions of military equipment and more. The customers can buy Viking swords, katanas, plate armours, musical instruments, but also replicas of various firearms. Each product is described in great detail on the website, to allow the collectors finding the products that meet all their expectation and requirements.

Viking sword

Viking sword, known also as Carolingian sword, is a melee weapon used throughout the Middle Ages in Western and Northern Europe. Its fame grew thanks to the conquests and discoveries of the blood-thirsty warriors from Scandinavia. Vikings have been remembered as skilled soldiers, trained in the art of war, but also as talented sailors. Their weaponry had to reflect the style of their fighting, therefore the blacksmiths created the fairly short, double-edged sword, which was paired with a sturdy wooden shield.

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