Coffee kiosks

Portable buildings are a new trend that has been slowly gaining attention and fans. Created with reliable, resistant to weather conditions materials, mobile and much cheaper than a traditional building, find their way to many business owners hearts and minds. The process of their manufacturing takes even 80% time less than preparing a typical construction and does not require all those forms and permits beforehand. KC Solution makes beautiful portable cabins having many different functions – offices, coffee kiosks or warehouses.

Solution for gastronomy

Coffee kiosk Using the design prepared by the company is a wonderful solution for many restaurants and other gastronomy-oriented businesses. A coffee kiosk placed in a chosen location will definitely engage a lot of customers and encourage them to grab a cup of their favourite beverage before work or while meeting with a couple of friends. Because of its mobility, it is possible to transport it after some time to a different point in the city and trying the luck somewhere else. If the customer decides the coffee kiosk is too small for the amount of customers visiting it, he can always decide on expanding it with the help of KC Solution.

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