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If you are looking for superb woollen clothing, it is certainly worth browsing the offer prepared by YOKO Wool Products Ltd. This company from Ireland is known for their reliability and high standard of customer service. What is more, as they apply the finest materials only, their products are really excellent. For this reason, they manage to cooperate on a long-term basis with numerous business partners in wholesale. They often visit Irish and British exhibitions to present their marvellous clothing.


There are many different products available in stock, such as mittens, ponchos, booties, vests or hats. However, the most popular ones seem to be their marvellous slippers which will help you to keep your feet warm even if the temperature outside goes below zero. What is more, they remain breathable and dry, not causing you to sweat. You can order various colour versions, such as pink, brown, blue, white and not only. If you do not find slippers you really like, YOKO Wool Products Ltd can modify particular project for you.

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